10 by 10

Based on the description of ‘Trading Cities’ [Eufêmia, Cloé, Eutrópia, Ercília and Esmeraldina] & ‘Cities and the Eyes’ [Valdrada, Zemrude, Bauci, Fílide and Moriana] found on Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities book, the drawings explore a formal interpretation of the structures, dynamics and functionings of the respective city’s descriptions.

10 by 10 is a collaborative suite of 100 drawings made by 10 tumblr artists
to explore the range of processes, aesthetics and possibilities of drawing given a minimal set of guidelines.
10 artists make a series of 10 drawings
each drawing is made within a 10cm x 10cm square
each drawing is centered on a 10′’ x 10′’ sheet of paper

Curated by Kevin Townsend.

Participating artists: Fatma Al-Remaihi, Tássia Bianchini, Ryan Tippery, Jacob VanLoon, Robert Malte Engelsmann, Matt Niebuhr, Michael Canich, Andi Baumgartner, Christian Villacillo, Kevin Townsend


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