This is the true story.

A firefly, most of the nights. Tiny, but always lighting up. Most of the months a turtle, born within its home, nomad. Most of the winds, a sparrow, migrant. Spring egg, hashed.

An amazon in the south, set in green Irish to birth an elf from the belly. The heart is of a goddess from the Nile. Spidery. From the hands comes a miscellany - writer, artist, photographer, designer. The throat is of Ariel, but watch out for the eyes - those are of a jaguar. Dark. Night vision embed. Most of the summers turn into flower fields, taking over mountains and grasslands. Transformative. A rainforest mind. Cabeleira de cometa. A lion, she said. Not a lioness? Petals rose, and prickly. Yellow Spirit with a purple lid.

But if you don’t believe it, you can have this one bellow.


Tássia de Matos Bianchini (Brazil, 1988) studied Product Design at UFPR in Brazil, graduating in 2013. Following that she turned her focus of interest towards the arts, mainly visual expression and literature. Having nurtured since then a multidisciplinary practice, she works interlacing medias, such as painting and literature, and topics, with some core themes, as her research on abstract expression, memory, materiality, feminism and reflections on motion, time and space.

She is currently living and working in Amsterdam.

Artist Statement

My research and interests pervades the themes of language, expression, the body (corporality and embodiment), primal communication, memory,  mythology, feminism, psychogeographies and psychoecologies, inner and outer environments and experiences of space, time and movement. I navigate these themes by focusing on dynamics of contrast such as nature and city,  action and contention,  matter and spirit, inner and outer (mental) spaces, silence and communication, male and female, human and non-human.  

I  am interested in art processes as a triggers for inner transformation, through observing modes of consciousness, expression and feeling; studying actions of embodiment and discourse and its manifestation and release with and through a certain material.

My process is oriented strongly by notions of movement - of, and, - within the body, as in the animal within, or the emotional experience and its connection with thinking. My process is based on intuition, contemplative time, silence and movement in a certain space/environment. This act of moving and listening comes as a gathering of perceptions, references, understanding of a surrounding, both internal and external,  as a meditation and reflection, that are then released through the contact with the materials in the execution of the works.


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