Who knew the wind


Filmed for The One Minutes.

“    I thought it was birds who knew the wind, but it’s actually trees! A bird can’t break, or fall, or bend under the wind. It has wings. Even under the hardest storms it can fly away, or protect itself under a tree or a roof. But a tree doesn’t. No matter how many years building it up, cell by cell, ring by ring, summer after summer.
    A tree doesn’t fight, or cry, or run when the wind comes. Without anger or resentment. It knows the wind can be stronger and might take her down, but there is no mistake. She can fall, and might know that will be the end, but there is no mistake. Maybe her roots will find a way to build up again. And there is no mistake.”
Excerpt of the book ‘How to describe a life’, Tássia Bianchini

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