Allegories of Isolation

Allegories od Isolation
Pen on paper
48 x 64 cm / 19” x 25”

This work is about the interconnectedness of life. And its meaning entails the illusion that is the idea of isolation. The circles made with lines touching upon the circunference are actually a illusion of circles - like a net shaped by the need to create a form of space.
On the context of the quarantine, its visual reference comes from the graphic showcase daily on the advancement of the cases, that made me think of a carnival costume I had when I was a kid. When carnival is a manifestation quite opposite as a quarantine, I intended to connect and bring light to the basics behind both occurrences - human connection and aloneness - and remember that we are just human - We all alone, but we are together in that.
Drawing made during  the beginning of lockdown due to covid-19 virus in March of 2020 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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